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Testimonials - Affiance® Fungicide

See What Our Customers Have to Say


 "You put it on young corn and its systemic activity gives good length of control, which means fewer applications per year and a better value for our growers. Last year, the results varied from a 5 to 20-bushels per acre increase over untreated corn. Overall, our customer satisfaction level with Affiance has been very high, so we've had a lot of repeat users."

- Matt Bambauer of Bambauer Fertilizer & Seed, Inc. in Pemberton, OH


 "I chose Affiance mainly because it allowed me to apply my fungicide at the V5 stage with my own sprayer versus having a fungicide applied aerially later in the season. Affiance is really the only fungicide on the market that allows us to apply early and still get season-long control."

(Rossiter conducted side-by-side yield trials comparing Affiance applied at V5 with aerially applied Stratego® YLD at tassel.)

"The V5 application of Affiance out-yielded the tassel application of Stratego YLD by 11 bushels per acre. So, it appears that applying Affiance at the V5 growth stage is the key to a better yield response."

- Kim Rossiter, a corn and soybean grower in Winfield, IA


 "We've used some fungicides in the past when disease pressure warranted, but our agronomist recommended a preventative treatment with Affiance last season. As a result, we had some very good-looking corn with nice color to it. I believe we gained some stalk strength from using Affiance, with no downed corn to speak of. Overall, we had excellent yields in the fields treated with Affiance."

- Ron Gadey, a 700-acre corn grower near Seward, NE


 "We've used Affiance for the past three seasons. Last year, we saw an average yield increase of around 9 bushels per acre on the Affiance-treated corn. With Affiance, you can apply at the V4 - V8 growth stage and still get the residual control you need for better stalk strength and greener, healthier corn."

- Seth Houdersheldt, co-owner of BASH Custom Spraying