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Superior Strawberry Disease Control

Torino®, Quintec®, EcoSwing® & Mettle® 125 ME Fungicides

Gowan USA has a 50+ year history of offering unique crop protection solutions to meet the needs of American Agriculture. In strawberries, Gowan USA is focused on providing enhanced disease protection through the use of novel fungicides. Quintec®, Torino®, EcoSwing® and Mettle® 125 ME fungicides all utilize different modes-of-action providing long term, sustainable strawberry production by focusing on disease resistance. Quintec, Torino, EcoSwing and Mettle 125 ME have a proven track record of effective disease control in strawberries through reliable and consisent performance. 


Quintec®'s unique mode of action makes it the perfect choice in strawberries to slow the development of fungicide resistance as well as control powdery mildew that is already resistant to other modes of action. 

  • For the control of Powdery Mildew
  • The ONLY FRAC Group 13 Fungicide
  • Apply Quintec as a protectant, prior to the development of powdery mildew
    • Strawberry Use Rate: 6 fl oz/A
    • PHI: 1 day in strawberries
    • REI: 12 hours in strawberries

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Torino® will control powdery mildew resistant to all other modes of action, allowing for better fruit quality and higher strawberry yields.  

  • For the control of Powdery Mildew
  • The ONLY FRAC Group U6 Fungicide in existence
  • Torino is best applied as a protectant, but will offer limited curative control of powdery mildew in fields with low levels of incidents 
    • Strawberry Use Rate: 3.4 fl oz/A
    • PHI: 0 days in strawberries
    • REI: 4 hours in strawberries

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Mettle® 125 ME's unique chemical structure allows for highly systemic movement for improved protection of new growth emerging after application. 

  • For the control of Powdery Mildew, Leaf Spot, and Leaf Blight
  • Apply Mettle 125 ME during periods of rapid growth and leaf expansion, utilizing the systemic movement for protection of new growth
    • Strawberry Use Rate: 5 fl oz/A
    • PHI: 0 days in strawberries
    • REI: 12 hours in strawberries

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ecoswing botanical FUNGICIDE

EcoSwing® is created using proprietary plant extracts from the Swinglea glutinosa tree. It is formulated as an easy-to-use soluble liquid, and has proven to be compatible with a wide variety of tank-mix partners. Incorporating EcoSwing as a prevenative application allows for the addition of an alternative mode of action for improved disease control and resistance management. EcoSwing is NOP-compliant, OMRI-listed and tolerance exempt. 

  • For the control of Powdery Mildew
  • Apply EcoSwing as a rotation partner in your powdery mildew disease control porgram before high levels of infestation
    • Strawberry Use Rate: 32 fl oz/A
    • PHI: 0 days in strawberries
    • REI: 4 hours in strawberries