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Sandea®, Yukon®, and EPTC (Eptam®) Cited as Effective Treatments for Yellow Nutsedge Control

In a November 2017 article published by American Vegetable Grower Magazine titled "Field Scouting Guide: Yellow Nutsedge", Gowan herbicides Sandea® and Yukon®, as well as the active ingredient EPTC (Eptam®), were touted as effective chemistries for the control of yellow nutsedge. Yellow nutsedge is a potentially devastating sedge that, if uncontrolled, can reduce production to zero. It is a problem at most growth stages and is prevalent throughout most of the continental U.S. and Hawaii. However, there are a number of methods to control this key pest, including use of an effective herbicide program containing products such as Sandea®, Yukon®, and Eptam®.   

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