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Nissan Announces Acquisition of Quinoxyfen Fungicide from Corteva Agriscience: Gowan Named Exclusive Distributor

TOKYO, JAPAN  – (Dec 2nd, 2019) – Nissan Chemical Corporation announced today it has acquired the global Quinoxyfen fungicide business from Corteva Agriscience (Head office: Delaware, U.S.) and has chosen Gowan Company, L.L.C. as their exclusive marketing and distribution partner for all brands containing Quinoxyfen in the United States, Mexico, and Chile.

Quinoxyfen is a highly effective fungicide for the control of various species of powdery mildew on crops such as grapes, stone fruits, leafy and fruiting vegetables, strawberries, and cucurbits. Quinoxyfen is the only FRAC Group 13 fungicide and has been marketed globally under the brand name Quintec® as a solo product, and Arius® as a pre-mixture with myclobutanil.

Gowan is currently working with Nissan to integrate Quinoxyfen into Gowan’s U.S., Mexico, and Chile business entities. Gowan will make a separate announcement to all of its distribution partners once the integration process is complete and Gowan is ready to accept customer orders.

Nissan continues to focus on the agrochemical industry as a core business. As such, it continues to invest in research and development initiatives in this space, including Gracia®, a novel insecticide that was launched in Korea in 2018 and in Japan in 2019. They are also in the process of developing a new fungicide and herbicide for use both inside and outside of Japan. Nissan believes the Quinoxyfen acquisition will both strengthen its presence in the global market, as well as expand its foothold in the agrochemical business.

About Nissan Chemical Corporation: Nissan Chemical Industries, LTD., based in Tokyo, Japan, was founded in 1887 as Japan’s first manufacturer of chemical fertilizer. Today, Nissan creates a variety of products for agriculture, medicine and advanced technological industry. Nissan works to solve social issues and contributes to human survival and development.