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Gowan USA Turf & Ornamental Announces Approval of Fenstop® Fungicide Label for Outdoor Nurseries and Saran Houses

Yuma, Arizona, April 21, 2023 – Gowan Company, a family-owned global provider of crop protection solutions, today announced that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has approved the expansion of the Fenstop® fungicide label to include outdoor nurseries and saran houses. The approved label also expands the use of Fenstop for all ornamentals and contains easier-to-follow and apply directions for the use of Fenstop in greenhouses and outdoor nurseries.

Fenstop is a water mold (oomycete) fungicide containing the active ingredient fenamidone. It is used to control downy mildew, pythium, and phytophthora in ornamental plants. The expanded label will allow growers to use Fenstop in a wider range of settings, providing a more effective and efficient way to protect their ornamentals from these potentially devastating diseases.

“We are pleased to announce the approval of the expanded Fenstop label,” said Ken Reh, Product Manager at Gowan. “This is a milestone for the brand and our customers, as it allows us to offer a more comprehensive solution for control of the labeled diseases in the ornamentals market.”

The expanded Fenstop label is being distributed to State agencies for registration and will be available to our customers soon. For more information, please visit


Fenstop® is a registered trademark of Gowan Company, L.L.C.

Always read and follow label directions.