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Gowan Company Announces California Registration for EcoSwing® Botanical Fungicide

Yuma, AZ – (October 22th, 2020) – EcoSwing®, a novel botanical-based fungicide from Gowan USA, is now registered for use in California. EcoSwing has shown consistent efficacy against key pathogens in almonds, grapes, berries, and stone fruit. The active ingredient, extract from the Swinglea glutinosa tree, works to desiccate fungal hyphae. Preliminary research also indicates that EcoSwing may aid in triggering innate plant responses to help boost plant defense mechanisms against fungal pathogens.

EcoSwing's short PHI and REI and tolerance exempt status give growers great flexibility in their use patterns and a unique tool for resistance management. Gowan USA is pleased to offer this new product to support California growers and retailers in their battle against pathogens.