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Federal Registration of ZING!® Fungicide

Gowan USA announces federal registration for Zing!® Fungicide for use in potato, tomato, cucurbits and onions. With Federal registration, State registrations will soon follow. Zing! Fungicide is a new premix fungicide combining two proven active ingredients into an easy-to-use liquid SC formulation. The combination of zoxamide and chlorothalonil work together to enhance the performance beyond each individual product. Zing! Fungicide provides excellent control of early and late blight, downy mildew, anthracnose and alternaria diseases.
                Zoxamide and chlorothalonil have been used for disease control in the industry for decades, with no documented resistance in the field. Zing! Fungicide combines the multisite activity of chlorothalonil and the effectiveness of zoxamide into an easy-to-use liquid formulation. Zing! Fungicide offers improved activity on chlorothalonil’s as well as zoxamide’s spectrum of disease control. Used as a preventive fungicide, Zing! Fungicide offers two FRAC codes M5 and 22 to deliver multiple modes of action for enhanced control, to defend against disease resistance, and add longevity to your treatment program.  “Federal registration of Zing! Fungicide illustrates Gowan’s commitment to bringing our customers effective, innovative products that improve their options and maintain a more sustainable business,” says Gowan product manager Ken Reh. “With Zing! Fungicide, growers will benefit from a step up in control and is an excellent product to apply as part of a disease Integrated Pest Management program.”