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Congress Must Act Now to Support Jobs and Competitiveness in the United States

(Yuma, Arizona – July 31, 2013) Today Gowan Company announced its support for the re-introduction of the U.S. Job Creation and Manufacturing Competitiveness Act of 2013, H.R.2708. The bill was reintroduced in the U.S. House of Representatives by the Ways and Means Committee leadership on Wednesday, July 17, 2013. This bipartisan legislation provides temporary tax relief on imported manufacturing inputs that are not available in the U.S. 

The Miscellaneous Tariff Bill (MTB) is a package of tax cuts that would boost the competitiveness of manufacturers throughout the United States by reducing the cost of production through eliminating import duties on inputs that are not produced or available in the U.S. The MTB is vital to level the playing field for manufacturers in the United States and improve our global competitiveness. For three decades Congress has recognized the importance of suspending import taxes on essential manufacturing inputs that are not available domestically. Failure to pass the MTB will add to the 20 percent cost differential that U.S. manufacturers already face, resulting in further losses of important manufacturing opportunities and jobs. 

When this bill becomes law, Gowan’s Yuma based contract manufacturing facilities will be more competitive worldwide as some of the ingredients not available from US sources will be accessed at world prices. Gowan Milling’s services are more attractive especially for those clients exporting our Arizona-made goods. Where product is for domestic consumption, the costs for US growers will come more in line with their global competitors. For Gowan this bill is needed as it will provide security for more than 500 manufacturing and professional jobs overall in Arizona and California. 

Gowan is a Yuma based group that provides crop inputs based on science. Founded in Yuma fifty-one years ago, the group has been committed to finding the best solutions for crop protection. This involves sourcing primary ingredients from companies abroad and bringing them to the U.S. to formulate and develop the final product.

“If H.R. 2708 does not pass, the continued tariffs will begin to have a negative spiral effect not only on our company, but to our community. Gowan attracts hundreds of visitors globally every year, and in turn this helps boost the hospitality industry” said Juli Jessen, Gowan Company CEO. 

Gowan Company has also given back to the community by engaging in projects to restore historic buildings in Yuma, donating to school programs, food banks and many other charities while investing in job creation. In order for Gowan to continue to positively impact its community, they require that the bill pass through the House and the Senate. 

The MTB is one of the most important short-term actions Congress can take to preserve and expand good American jobs, boost America's manufacturing competitiveness, and increase our nation’s manufacturing exports. Every day that passes without this bill takes a toll on the way companies like Gowan do business, and the passing of H.R. 2708 is imperative for future growth.


Therefore Gowan Company encourages our House leaders to support passage of the H.R. 2708.