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Cindy Smith of Gowan Company Testifies Before House Ways and Means Committee Supporting The Miscellaneous Tariff Bill

YUMA, AZ (Oct 25, 2017) - Cindy Smith, Agriculture Relations Director for Gowan Company, spoke in front of the Trade Subcommitee of the House Ways and Means Committee in Washington D.C. on Wednesday to provide testimony about how tariff relief provided through the Miscellaneous Tariff Bill (MTB) would benefit the Gowan Group and all U.S. manufacturers. The MTB would temporarily suspend or reduce tariffs on certain imported products not made in the U.S., without having a negative impact on domestic entities that produce competing products. In her testimony, Mrs. Smith spoke about how the MTB will help make U.S. companies like Gowan become more competitive, create jobs, and grow our local and national economies. 

Mrs. Smith also cited the fact that Gowan is the only manufacturer and distributor of crop protection products in the U.S. that remains owned by a single family. She spoke to the 700 U.S. jobs that are created from the Gowan Group, over half of which are located in Yuma, AZ. She then went on to explain how the MTB would help companies like Gowan continue to deliver critical products to growers and also keep jobs in the U.S. economy. The savings garnered from the MTB would be reinvested to provide stability and economic prosperity for existing employees through profit sharing, healthcare, and bonuses as well as to help ultimately create new jobs. In her testimony she also discussed how Gowan invests heavily in the local community, funding educational initiatives that focus on science as well as other philanthropic efforts. 

This August the International Trade Commission (ITC) provided its final recommendations to Congress on the bill. The House Ways and Means Committee is doing its part by reviewing the ITC's final report and is preparing legislation to implement ITC's recommendations. 

To view Cindy Smith's testimony click here.