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Gowan Human Resources
370 South Main Street
Yuma, Arizona 85364
(800) 883-1844



Over 55 years ago founder and owner Jon Jessen set out to build a business that would help local farmers address their critical pest issues. As his ideas grew, so did his business. Along the way he hired a number of talented, passionate, and hardworking people to join him. Together they took the company to new heights and achieved endeavors never thought possible in the early days. Today, the Gowan Group of companies has +45 entities in 19 countries and has over 1,500 employees across the globe. With offices in the U.S, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, UK, France, Italy, Spain, Belgium, India, Chile, and Colombia, Gowan Company is always interested in receiving inquiries and resumes from qualified individuals for employment and/or consultancy services. If you are interested in the opportunity to join a highly skilled, top-notch global team, please apply here.




Our employees are proud to be a part of this family-owned company, working together towards a common goal and having fun along the way. Weekly “happy half hour” celebrations on Friday, monthly company luncheons, profit-sharing bonuses, excellent benefits, and many other perks make Gowan a truly great place to work.

Our headquarters is located in Yuma, AZ, U.S.A. For more information about Yuma, AZ click here.


It has come to our attention that unauthorized third parties are making fraudulent job offers using our name. While we use various methods to communicate with prospective employees, we do not interview candidates online or via text messages, nor do we ever request payment of any kind or personal bank information as a condition of employment. We never make job offers online. If you have been contacted online or through a text message by anyone representing themselves as being from Gowan Company and are concerned about their legitimacy, please be aware that the offers are not valid and open positions that are available will be found on the Gowan careers webpage.

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