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Avadex MA Wild Oat Control

And Suppression of Downy Brome & Italian Ryegrass 


Avadex MA

Avadex® MicroActiv Herbicide is a great tool for a wide range of crops in the Pacific Northwest. Avadex brings a different mode of action (WSSA Group 15) that can help to slow the development of resistance to WSSA Group 1 or 2 graminicides. Avadex will deliver solid Wild Oat control (even against Group 1 and 2 resistant biotypes) and suppression of water stealing Brome grasses and Italian ryegrass, which will allow your spring crops to get off to their best start. 

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Registered Crops for Fall Application

  • Wheat, Barley, Triticale, Peas (green, field, dried, chickpeas, garbanzo beans), Lentils, Sugar Beets

Fall applications will also help to spread out your spring workload. As you scramble to get the crop into the field, rest easy, knowing that fall-applied Avadex is hard at work, stopping weedy grasses from competing with young crop seedlings. 

Application Recommendations

To get the most out of your fall Avadex application, do the following:

  1. Proper soil condition will enhance the consistency of Avadex. If there are large clods or lumps cultivate with a heavy harrow or field cultivator to smooth the seedbed. 
  2. After consulting the product label, apply the correct rate of Avadex through a well calibrated granular applicator such as a Valmar. 
  3. Avadex must be incorporated for best results. Please read and follow label directions for different geographies, crops and timing. 
  4. Plant your crops in the spring and enjoy the benefits of early season weed control. 

What Will Avadex MA Deliver?

Research has shown the value of a fall applied Avadex treatment for years. For example, in this trail out of Bozeman, MT, Avadex MicroActiv was applied PPI in mid-October. Spring wheat (var. DuClair) was seeded in late March. The Avadex delivered excellent wild oat control, but also harvested approximately 15 bushels of additional yield over a post emergence application of Everest® (mid-May application). This clearly illustrates the value of the early season weed control that fall-applied Avadex delivers. Even in a time when commodity prices are extremely low, Avadex can more than pay for itself, and allows you to rotate away from Group 1 and 2 chemistries, removing the selection pressure from these chemistries and slowing the development of resistance. 

Avadex MA vs Everest