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Scorpion 35SL Insecticide

  • Insecticide

Scorpion® 35SL Insecticide is a third generation neonicotinoid with a unique chemical structure as compared to other neonicotinoid compounds. It is classified by the US EPA as a reduced risk pesticide. Scorpion has a high water solubility allowing for rapid plant uptake and fast systemic movement within the plant to reach targeted pests. By controlling and/or suppressing pests that vector disease, Scorpion can be an aid improving overall plant health.

Features & Benefits


Scorpion is innovative 35SL formulation.  Scorpion mixes into a true solution and therefore does not require agitation after mixing.  There will be no plugging of strainers and screens or incompatibility with liquid fertilizers.  The 35SL formulation also offers simple measuring, quick mixing and is non-abrasive to spray equipment, once in solution. 
Scorpion can be applied as a soil, drip or foliar application. These application options allow for ideal flexibility based on crop, pest, and application timing.  Plants will also exhibit no phytotoxicity following foliar or soil application of Scorpion.   
Scorpion will provide an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) tool for growers, consultants and retailers to utilize when developing a pest control strategy.  With very fast plant uptake, translaminar movement, wide range of pest control, vector suppression and a favorable toxicological profile, Scorpion is suited to provide solutions. 


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Scorpion® is a registered trademark of Gowan Company, LLC EPA Reg No 10163-317.