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Prefar 4-E Selective Herbicide

  • Herbicide

Prefar is a selective herbicide for building effective weed control programs in key vegetables including lettuce, cucurbits, brassica, and dry bulb onions. Prefar may be applied PPI or PRE and provides excellent crop safety and crop rotation flexibility.

Features & Benefits

Prefar 4E is a preplant/preemerge herbicide and is a key component in control of select broadleaf weeds and grasses in vegetable Crop group 3 –Onions, Garlic, and Shallots, Crop group 4 - Leafy vegetables*, Crop group 5 - Cole crops, Crop group 8 -Fruiting Vegetables , and Crop group 9 – Cucurbits.
Prefar is the herbicide of choice for control of purslane, lambsquarters and redroot pigweed as well as burning nettle and nettleleaf goosefoot broadleaf weeds. Target grasses include crabgrass, goosegrass, barnyardgrass, foxtail and fall panicum among others.
 Prefar 4-E can be applied Preplant incorporated or Pre-emergence, broadcast or banded, and in California and Arizona can be Chemigated following the labeled instructions.
Prefar 4-E has no plant back restrictions for labeled crops and provides excellent plant safety when used in accordance with the label.
 *Do not use Prefar 4-E on Spinach or Swiss Chard as severe phytotoxicity will occur.

Registered States

Registered Pending Registered Not Registered
Oregon California Idaho Nevada Utah Arizona Montana Wyoming Colorado New Mexico North Dakota South Dakota Nebraska Kansas Oklahoma Texas Minnesota Iowa Missouri Arkansas Louisiana Wisconsin Michigan Illinois Kentucky Tennessee Mississippi Alabama Georgia Florida South Carolina North Carolina Virginia Michigan Indiana West Virginia Pennsylvania New York Maryland Maryland Delaware New Jersey Connecticut Rhode Island Massachusetts Vermont New Hampshire Maine Alaska Hawaii New Jersey Vermont nh Hampshire Massachusetts Ohio Puerto Rico Alaska

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