Sandea®, Yukon®, and EPTC (Eptam®) Cited as Effective Treatments for Yellow Nutsedge Control

21 November 2017

In a November 2017 article published by American Vegetable Grower Magazine titled "Field Scouting Guide: Yellow Nutsedge", Gowan herbicides Sandea® and Yukon®, as well as the active ingredient EPTC (Eptam®), were touted as effective chemistries for the co

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Cindy Smith of Gowan Company Testifies Before House Ways and Means Committee Supporting The Miscellaneous Tariff Bill

25 October 2017

YUMA, AZ (Oct 25, 2017) - Cindy Smith, Agriculture Relations Director for Gowan Company, spoke in front of the Trade Subcommitee of the House Ways and Means Committee in Washington D.C.

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Gowan Company Announces Full State Registration of Captiva™ Prime Insecticide in the USA

24 October 2017

YUMA, AZ (Oct 24th, 2017) - Gowan Company, L.L.C. is pleased to announce that Captiva™ Prime, a natural repellent bio-insecticide, has received full state registration in the USA (excluding Alaska) and Puerto Rico.

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Gowan Company Announces Registration of New Rice Herbicide for Colombian Rice Growers

31 July 2017

Along with its partner SDS Biotech, Gowan Company is pleased to announce  Avanza® 400 SC Herbicide has been granted registration in Colombia.  Avanza® is a 400 gram/liter SC formulation containing benzobicyclon, an HPPD inhibitor that has been widely used in rice in Asia for a number of

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Gowan Crop Protection Limited Announces New Entity In Chile

24 July 2017

YUMA, AZ – (July 24, 2017) – Gowan Crop Protection Limited (GCP), an affiliate of Gowan Company, L.L.C., is excited to announce the completion of its acquisition of Agrotechnology S.A. in Chile.

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