Feb 09,2017

Yuma, AZ, USA (February 9, 2017) - Gowan Company announced today that its biopesticide Captiva™ has received registration in Morocco for use on glasshouse and open field tomatoes to control the burgeoning pest, Russet Mite (Aculops Lycopersici).

Captiva's active ingredient is derived from plant extracts and agitates and excited thrips and mites, forcing them out of their sheltered hiding spots. As a stand-alone product, Captiva has repellency, anti-feeding, and anti-oviposition properties. As a tank-mix partner, Captiva will help to enhance the activity of traditional insecticides and miticides and extend their reach to the target pests.

Gowan Product Manager Jessica Samler said, "This new registration in Morocco is an exciting step for us in our effort to aid growers across the globe in combating the pests that threaten their crops." Captiva is also registered in USA, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Costa Rica, and Taiwan with pending registrations in many other countries.

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