Human Resources Benefits Manager

Job title: Human Resources Benefits Manager
Sub title:

·         Responsible for administration of employee benefits in all company operations. Provides special guidance and assistance to all locations on various employee benefit plans as well as assist with compensation plans as needed. Surveys industry and/or community to determine company's competitive position in employee benefits. Develops, recommends, and installs approved, new, or modified plans and employee benefit policies, and supervises administration of existing plans. Develops cost control procedures to assure maximum coverage at the least possible cost to company and employee. Reports to Director of Human Resources.
·         Duties and Responsibilities
·         Administers employee benefits programs, including global expansion, with the assistance of the Benefits Specialist as well as in other countries as needed.
·         Evaluates and compares existing company benefits with those of other employers by analyzing other plans, surveys, and other sources of information. Maintains company's competitive position in labor market, and obtains uniform benefit package for all company locations, where possible. Analyzes results of surveys and develops specific recommendations for review by the HR Director.
·         Recommends classes of eligible employees for new or modified plans. Oversees census data and solicits insurance companies for quotations. Evaluates quotations and makes recommendations to management. Develops company cost information for new plans and makes recommendations to management concerning sharing of cost between employer and employee.
·         Installs approved new plans and changes for communicating to employees with the assistance of the Benefits Specialist. Conducts employee meetings and arranges for enrollment of employees in optional plans.
·         Prepares and executes, with legal consultation, benefit documentation such as original and amended plan texts, benefit agreements and insurance policies. Instructs insurance carriers, trustees, and other administrative agencies outside the company of changes in benefit program.
·         Assures company compliance with provisions of Employee Retirement Income Security Act. Supervises preparation of reports and applications required by law to be filed with federal and state agencies, such as Internal Revenue Service, Department of Labor, insurance commissioners, and other regulatory agencies.
·         Ensures that existing and new benefit programs are adaptable to current data management and reporting systems. Oversees benefit information and statistical and census data for actuaries, insurance carriers, and management.
·         Coordinates the benefit inquiries and complaints with the Benefits Specialist to ensure quick, equitable, courteous resolution. Maintains contact with hospitals, physicians, insurance companies, employees, and beneficiaries to facilitate proper and complete utilization of benefits for all employees.

Education and Work Experience
·         A bachelor's degree and five (5) years’ experience in Benefits Administration, OR
·         A master's degree in Human Resource Management and four (4) years’ experience in Benefits Administration, OR
·         Any appropriate combination of education and experience.
·         Spanish speaking strongly desired.
**Must be legally authorized to work in United States**
Contact Information:
Human Resources Department
370 S. Main St.
Yuma, AZ  85364

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