Global Development Manager

Job title: Global Development Manager
Sub title:
The Global Development Manager (GDM) oversees all aspects of Gowan’s development work.  This currently resides in several areas.
1.      Formulations Development
2.      Disruptive Technology, scouting  and screening
3.      Precommercial Development
4.      Field Development across regions
The GDM is responsible to state the expectations for work produced at each stage.  It is envisioned that this will sort into two general subgroups:  one for project selection, screening and proof of concept and the other for executing the development plan across regions to a successful launch. 
The GDM connects the development work across the stages listed above (or the stages ultimately defined) and also talks frequently across the functional groups such as regulatory, marketing, sales and supply chain so that long term projects remain relevant.  The GDM must also establish patterns so that global product development efforts are well coordinated. 
The GDM will be accountable to deliver long term projects with excellent return on investment.  He or she will also be accountable to lead new patterns of global communications and skill enhancement appropriate for an organization developing novel molecules. 
In addition, the GDM will serve on Gowan’s Senior Leadership Team.  The Senior Leadership Team is responsible for execution of the Company’s strategy and for people development.
The following attributes are necessary for success:
·         Strong business acumen and deep industry experience.
·         Successful leader and people developer.
·         Long experience in field development and in managing long term development projects.
·         Genuine respect across cultures.
·         Muddy boots.
·         Ability to take firm decisions and gracefully advocate them. 
·         Ability to focus.
·         Rampant communicator.
·         High tolerance for ambiguity at front end of process and also able to drive hard for performance at end of process.
·         Willingness to make judgment even when more data would be helpful and to move projects on schedule, adhering to the process as set in place. 
·         Belief in Gowan and in its development sources.  Can be respected by all development partners.
·         Can remain positive in adversity and keep focused on long view, but realistic. 
Reports to COO.  Must be legally authorized to work in United States.
Interested applicants send resumes to:
Human Resources Department
370 S. Main St.
Yuma, AZ  85364

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