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Job title: Biorational Products Biologist
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The Biorational Products Biologist’s fundamental responsibility is to identify the most promising early stage products based on efficacy and usability. He or she participates in the Pipeline Team which manages the evaluation and early development of these products.  The BPB also is the liaison with the research teams whose major work is to support this evaluation and development. 
Pipeline Team Participation (75% of time)
The Pipeline Team is responsible for scouting, choosing, evaluating and early stages of development for biorational products.  These products then are transferred to the commercial organizations.  This team includes a business manager, a regulatory scientist and this BPB.  Each of the three team members brings his own expertise, with the BPB bringing experience with field performance and the scientific background.  The business manager and regulatory scientist complement this with market assessments and negotiations with partners and developing a regulatory strategy and expectation. 
Elements of the Biorational Products Biologist job include:
1.     Scout concepts and leads.  This includes attending conferences, initiating contacts based on literature and network indications, hosting presenters and assessing ideas generated in the Gowan Group.  The candidate should have experience with indicators of success in practical use.  He or she will be called on to make decisions with imperfect information and to champion the products moved into development.  
2.    Design and oversee the lab and field evaluation program.
Oversee Field Development and Screening Lab (25% of time)
Additionally to the development teams in the country based entities, Gowan has a group of four field biologists in Mexico who perform trials.  For early products, this group assesses efficacy, phytotoxicity, formulation performance and other basic requirements.  The manager and three field development biologists are situated across the country and run 50-70 trials per year for a wide range of crops and conditions.  Also, based in Yuma and housed at the University of Arizona station, Gowan has a screening lab and greenhouse staffed by two microbiologists.  Both the bioassay lab/greenhouse and the field development team support all aspects of Gowan’s work but spend most time on leads from the Pipeline Team.
While the managers in these groups oversee day to day activities, the BPB supervises these managers and is their primary portal on science issues to the rest of the Gowan Group.  By communicating across the company, the BPB establishes the pest priorities for these teams.  He or she also identifies to others where these services can help.  Key elements of the job include:
1.    Oversight of protocols to ensure support of project objectives
2.    Manage process to set priorities for lab and field trials
3.    Ensure quality of the program and confidence of data customers
4.    Cultivate broad use of these services while ensuring return on investment
5.    Supervision, technical education and development of team managers
Profile of Successful Candidate:
·                     Thorough knowledge of experimental design and statistical analysis
·                     Knowledge of requirements for samples handling (imports and exports) for the various countries in the area.
·                     Active written and oral communicator.  Bilingual – English-Spanish
·                     Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail
·                     Knowledgeable in the use of Agricultural Research Manager (ARM)
·                     Knowledgeable in the use of Microsoft Office – in particular Excel, Word, and Power Point
·                     Ability to advocate for products or concepts even amongst skeptics or over long periods.
·                     Willing to and make choices and recommendations based on incomplete data. 
·                     Creative and resourceful.
Required Qualifications:
·                     An M.S. in plant pathology, or entomology or similar discipline preferred.
·                   At least 5 years of experience in product development
·                     Experience in leading teams under structured settings as well as on a more informal capacity.
·                   Critical and strategic thinker that can propose innovative pathways to problem solutions.
The position is based in Yuma, Arizona and reports to the Global Development Manager.
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