Gowan Canada's Foundation

Gowan Company started as a crop consultancy in 1963. Our foundation was formed by walking the rows and orchards in lockstep with our customers. A family-owned company with its home office based in Yuma, Arizona, Gowan Company attributes its success to its focus on niche products and minor crops, accompanied by technical know-how and customer responsiveness. It has been an interesting journey from the dusty desert roads and steamy cotton fields of 1963.
As we move into the Canadian markets, we take along our core competencies and our passion for agriculture. Gowan Company is different from other chemical companies because we started where you did - in the field.
Gowan Company is known in the ag chemical industry as a political advocate for pesticides. We dedicate our resources to keep the pulse in the forefront of our daily business. Gowan Company participates as members of committees that affect pesticide legislation as well as maintaining our key contacts in this arena. We listen to your needs, find new uses for our products, and make a commitment to keeping our products in the marketplace.
Gowan Company recognizes the needs to rescue mature products that larger companies do not find value in retaining. We acquire and defend valuable crop protection products that are critical to key markets. We are responsive and readily available to our customers.